June 9, 2014

Kids Cook Monday : Turtle Bread and Herb Exploration

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I may have taken time off of blogging, but we sure didn't take time off from having the kids in the kitchen!  

We went to the wetlands many times to look at the various critters, we checked out a wetlands kit from
the extension office that was full of wetland story books, identification cards and charts, and all kind of other good stuff that we didn't get around to utilizing.  


Our kitchen focus has been bread making, so we decided to integrate that into our thematic unit and make some turtle shaped bread.


With whatever bread recipe you like, let it rise once normally, then shape it, let it rise a second time, and then glaze and season before baking.


To make a turtle, separate about one fourth of your dough for the head, tail, and limbs.  The rest is just a ball for the shell.  Take kitchen scissors and snip a pattern into the shell.  You can snip the eyes and mouth as well.  Don't be afraid to snip deep, as you will lose some of your shape in the second rise.


I asked the kids what herbs they might like to have on top of their turtle, and they looked at me in silence.  They had no clue.  So we paused and had a little fun letting them open every single herb bottle we own and smell it - maybe taste a flake or two, and agree on what they thought might be a favorable combination. This turned out to be a great exercise. It gave me lots of ideas for future herb lessons.

They settles on basil and Parmesan cheese over the egg wash.  It was the tastiest turtle ever!

To see what other families are up to in the kitchen, pop over to the Kids Cook Monday site.  Happy Mondays!

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