October 7, 2010

Yippe Ki-yay...Hannah Jane's Birthday!

Yesterday was sweet Hannah Jane's big day!  We started our day with pancakes on a weekday!  Joe only makes pancakes on the weekends, but he got up early and made blueberry pancakes for a birthday breakfast.

After Hunter was done with speech, we headed over to the mall to our temporary toy store that came to town for holiday shoppers.  Yes, that's the sort of town we live in.  The sort of town that has only one toy store with limited selection and outrageous prices.  But Toys R Us rolled into town for a few months and in that small space they have there is more excitements and variety to be had than I would ever have imagined.  Grandma Kate sent a small amount of money for the boys to pick out a gift as well and so everyone had a blast racing around the toy store with a little cash burning in their pockets!

Hannah Jane chose a giant gumball machine with her birthday money from Grandma Kate and a watch making kit from Granny.

Instead of a party, Hannah Jane asked to take her friend Kai to her favorite restaurant that's a little over an hour away and have them dress up to match the theme of the place.  We picked Kai up and then picked Joe up and headed to Ogden for dinner at the Prairie Schooner Steak House.  If you live anywhere remotely near Ogden and you want to add a little pep to a pioneer study, this is the place to go!  Check out this little video of the place!  It's way dark, but you can see the wagons and fires and maybe an indian or bear if your eyes are very discerning. 
There are taxidermied animals all over the place, a couple of Indians around campfires, and the whole place is dark with fiber optic stars across the ceiling.  Best of all, every table is in its own covered wagon.  The place mats tell the story of crossing the country to the west in a covered wagon, called a Prairie Schooner, and how each night they would circle the wagons for safety against animals and Indians. 

Kai very insightfully pointed out that in our circled wagons we had managed to entrap all of the things we were trying to defend ourselves against.  Smart kid! 

Hannah Jane and Kai were dressed like Native Americans and the boys were dressed like cowboys.  Everyone crooned over how adorable they were and made them feel oh, so special!  At one point, Hannah Jane and Kai were walking around the place and a man called out at them from a booth, "You two looks so great!  Are you Indians?"  But the kids just kept walking and he said, "It's like I'm not even here!"  I told him that the two of them were too caught up in their own world to notice that anyone else was there!  And it's true.  When we walked, they were so into being Indians in the wild west that the rest of us could have disappeared and they wouldn't have even noticed!

This is my favorite picture of Kai and Hannah Jane in the wagon.  Kai is standing up making his shadow big against the canvas of our wagon. 

We had a little romp around to look at all the cool stuff!  It's like eating in a museum exhibit on the wild west!
Then it was cake time!  Don't ask me why this cake say cowgirl, cowboy on it.  I have no clue.  But Hannah Jane loved it and so it became ours!

What a fabulous day we had!  Haven sang all the way home, changing the lyrics of our state song to, "Utah! People having a party!  Utah!  Where we have a birthday!"  The whole van was full of singing the entire drive back! 

I think seven is going to be a great year for Miss Hannah Jane!


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah Jane!

  2. Happy Birthday Hannah!

  3. Aww...thanks! I'll pass along the warm wishes!


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